Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I strongly dislike tapering.

Ok, so my marathon is on Sunday, which means this week is my taper period. I have read tons of articles about tapering, and about how much of a struggle it is for some runners. I always pooh-pooh-ed those articles, thinking, not me!! I am going to LOVE my taper! I don't have to run crazy amounts of miles, I can sleep in, this is going to be GREAT!

Well, I was wrong.

This week has been awful. And it is only Tuesday. I am cranky, I feel totally unprepared for my marathon, and I am starting to wonder if I shouldn't go out and do a couple 8 milers this week. I am starting to seriously doubt myself and my training, even though I know I shouldn't. Besides that, I have >crazy< nerves about this marathon. I keep trying to calm myself down, but usually I do that with a run, and guess what, a 3 mile run is not going to get rid of these nerves. Oy.

I did 12 on Saturday and felt awesome, and so I started feeling really good about the upcoming week. I did 4 the day after, and felt shitty. And so began my spiral of taper lead unhappiness. Not only do I have periodic panic attacks about my ability to run the marathon (every 10 minutes), I am also craving like, every single food in the world. I am constantly hungry.

Have any of you guys experienced this? Any tips on making it through the rest of the week? I am still 5 days out, hopefully I will still have my sanity by Saturday! I am hoping going to the expo will start clearing up my malaise. Any suggestions/tips would be much appreciated!

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